Basic Data

The farm in the district of Segeberg with 143 dairy cows had a high herd performance before the start of using NutriEffect. The milk had a fat content of almost 4% and a protein content of 3.46%. However, the health status of the herd was not good at this time. For example, they had about 6-7 cases of mastitis per month. This is another reason why Hannes Pump decided in favor for the product JOSERA NutriEffect in October 2018 and feeds 350 grams per cow/day.

The goal with NutriEffect

When Pump decided to feed JOSERA NutriEffect, he hoped for improved animal health, lower mastitis rates and a more stable milk yield.

Success with NutriEffect

The use of JOSERA NutriEffect has fundamentally improved the health status of the herd. This applies in particular to the incidence of mastitis. The cows suffer significantly less from udder infections- since the use of JOSERA NutriEffect only one animal per month suffers from mastitis partially. With the decline in the number of cases, fluctuations in milk yield have also decreased. At the same time, the higher health status of the herd leads to lower veterinary costs.

JOSERA graphic shows energy corrected milk

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