JOSERA Agrar is a leading feed manufacturer for agricultural animal husbandry. We offer innovative products for the healthy and species-appropriate rearing and keeping of livestock. JOSERA products support farmers in economically and ecologically sustainable farming.

The JOSERA range includes premium quality mineral feed and milk substitutes as well as products for successful cattle rearing and bull fattening. We also produce special products for particular feed situations as well as high-quality lick blocks. Silage inoculants for optimal silage complete the product range.

JOSERA offers innovative products for your customised feeding concepts – with us you will find the right solution to achieve your ambitious farming goals.

JOSERA sees itself as a reliable agricultural partner: as such, we feel committed to animal health and the success of your farm. In this spirit, we guarantee the highest quality products from our own production.

Top issues

JOSERA NutriBiotic – ensure the intestinal integrity

JOSERA cattle standing and eating in the feeding stand

A key factor for biological performance is the health of the digestive tract. Especially in high performance cows with high feed intake, the intestine is forced to absorb more nutrients.

JOSERA DairySafe – so the liver does not become fatty & sluggish

JOSERA feed advice

As the central metabolic organ, the liver is exposed to considerable stress around calving (transit phase). A cow quickly slides into ketosis, bringing far-reaching consequences.

JOSERA DairyPilot – increase the milk yield of your herd now!

JOSERA Cattle eating and standing in the feeding stand

Your operative goal is to increase the performance of your herd? The health and resilience of your herd is important to you? You love your animals and looking for a product?

Product lines


JOSERA Performance cow

Feed success –
we say how to do it


JOSERA Care cow

Care –
So that the herd stays in shape


JOSERA Classic cattle

Proven quality –
tried and tested in practice

Josilac Silage Inoculants

JOSILAC silo of maize

Josilac –
Quality pays off

Tips & Tricks

Different factors play a role in successful operation. There is a lot to consider, from feeding to keeping, to fertility and childbirth. We would like to support your company with our advice articles. If you have any questions, our specialist advisors will be happy to help you at any time.

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Contact & Service

Do you need detailed information or advice? The more accurate you specify what interests you, the better we can deal with. You can not order directly via us. We would be glad to inform you about the Josera dealer near you.

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