We have been DLG certified since 1956. Our company is a pioneer in the use of B vitamins to stabilise the metabolism and promote fertility in cattle and has launched the first milk substitute for calves without the use of skimmed milk powder. By consistently abandoning the use of in-feed antibiotics, JOSERA initiated a development in 1994 that led to an EU-wide ban in 2006.

As a reliable partner in the agricultural industry, JOSERA prides itself on transparency and quality. Our own laboratory monitors the quality of our products.

JOSERA takes responsibility for the environment and has ambitious climate change goals. A dedicated railway siding helps to keep our ecological footprint as small as possible. This saves us more than 5,000 lorry journeys per year. Our products are stored in one of the largest high-bay warehouses in Germany, made entirely of locally sourced timber. The warehouse combines innovation with climate protection – compared to a conventional steel construction, the timber construction saves around 2,100 tonnes of CO2.

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80 years of experience in animal nutrition need no explanation. Since the company’s founding in 1941, people at JOSERA act on a simple principle: To actively shape the future. Many of our visions have become reality with valuable experiences. Knowledge, which we pass on to our customers through our products and in our consulting service. This makes us successful together!

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We know that relationships are important–not only in business. We care about them–the same way you care about your animals. To understand expectations and meet customer needs, we take care about the relationships with our partners.

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In our research department, veterinarians, biologists, agricultural engineers, and farmers work targeted on new products and product concepts. In addition to our own field trials, we also incorporate the newest findings from international research. Thus, you, as our customer, have the certainty that our products offer you the maximum innovation.

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Solidity & Reliability

Each stage of our work and cooperation with our partners is characterized by carefulness and reliability. We want JOSERA to be synonymous with quality and reliability. Independent certifications (i.e. DLG) have confirmed top marks for decades.

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The solutions we offer our partners and customers are economically based on a simple rule: the relation between best price and demand-oriented service. Both is important for success and growth-oriented cooperation.

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JOSERA cares about maintaining the balance between economic development and sustainability. Thereof we want to convince our partners and clients. Future generations will benefit from this.

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Long-term effects – that is the rule we follow in every action: From developing new products to environmental co-operations with partners, suppliers and customers.

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On the 13th of November JOSERA was awarded the German Agricultural Marketing Prize of 2019 as a part of the AgriTechnica in Hannover. Among more than 75 submissions in four categories, our image campaign “Denkanstoss Agrar” convinced in the “Service” category.

In the statement of the jury they praised the extraordinary commitment of JOSERA to the image of German agriculture and in particular underlined the high participation factor for farmers. Our “Denkanstoß Agrar” also scored well with its visual implementation and excellent cross-media mix. The award is not only gratifying because we were able to successfully defend our title from 2017. Above all, “Denkanstoss Agrar” lives from the commitment and passion of its employees and supporters, wherefore we were the only prizewinner to receive the award without agency input and a separate advertising budget.

Our thanks go to all our dedicated companions for their commitment! Since the public perception of the entire industry is a current, still explosive topic, we continue to ask you for active support.

JOSERA Marketing staff at the award ceremony for the German Agricultural Marketing Prize 2019

JOSERA Agrar is the winner of the German Agricultural Marketing Prize 2017. With this award the Agricultural Publishing House and the Agricultural Industry Liaison Committee particularly honor creative and convincing advertising campaigns in the agricultural sector.

With its campaign „The secret of your success“, JOSERA prevailed against 13 competitors in the animal husbandry category and won the 1st place. The jury was impressed by the highly emotional concept of the campaign which is new in Agricultural advertising. Thus, JOSERA once again fulfills its aspiration as deluder and pioneer.

The German Agricultural Marketing Prize is awarded every two years. This year a total of 80 participants applied for the award which is awarded in four categories. The award ceremony took place during the world‘s leading trade fair AGRITECHNICA in Hanover.

JOSERA Marketing employees receive Marketing Award 2017