On JOSERA is reliance…

because the keeper can be sure that the raw materials used by JOSERA are of the highest quality. Our products are characterized by HACCP-based and controlled manufacturing.

This ensures a complete traceability of the raw materials from the manufacturer to the consumer at all times.

In our own laboratory, we ensure the quality of our products on an ongoing basis. In addition, we certify both JOSERA and our products at all stages of production by independent, accredited institutes and guarantee the highest quality with letter and seal.

Josilac – is subject to the constant control of DLG

German Agricultural Society (DLG)

The DLG (German Agricultural Society) is the most important, independent German agricultural institution. It awards the DLG recommendation to products that meet their high quality control demands.

Therefore, you should rely on the quality of DLG-tested products

Why feed products with the DLG-quality-logo?

  • Value of the feed is above average
  • What is written on the bag, is also in the bag!
  • Proper raw materials, useful additives
  • Good manufacturing and hygiene
  • Ecologically awareness
  • Informative product declaration
  • Test results are published on the internet
JOSERA logo the josera promise

Take advantage of:

  • constant inspections
    – independent testing by the DLG
    – testing laboratory accredited by the DAkkS according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025
    – accreditation is only valid for the scope of accreditation listed in the annex D-PL-19819-01-00
  • seamless traceability

Inspections of raw materials
All of the raw materials that we use are carefully inspected in our in-house laboratory upon arrival.

Third-party supervision and certification
It is more than just our promise to you – independent third-party inspections and certification confirm our achievements.

Take advantage of:

  • contact with an expert at your location or via telephone
  • reliable delivery

Targeted advice
One of the keys to JOSERA’s quality also lies in our expert advice service, whether from the local dealer, our regional sales directors or our in-house product specialists.

Reliable delivery service
On top of this, your products are delivered reliably and on time via our wholesalers.
Thanks to our close-knit distribution network, we ensure that you receive only fresh products as quickly as possible.

Take advantage of:

  • high-quality products for maximum economic efficiency
  • ea very good price-performance ratio
  • feeding concepts based on practical experience

Successful product range concepts
We offer you products that ensure the best possible supply of minerals and other substances for your animals.

Moreover, JOSERA products are full of flavour, which leads to a higher acceptance rate among animals.

In order for your business to be highly successful, it is important for your animals to be highly fertile and healthy. This is also an area where JOSERA has a fitting product range concept for you.

Take advantage of:

  • forward-thinking innovations and adapted solutions
  • constant research and development

Many years of experience
Take advantage of 80 years of experience in animal nutrition.

Constant development
Our experts always are thinking ahead for you, seeking new approaches and solutions that are adapted to the market and based on practical experience. Constant research makes it possible to push knowledge ahead and to transform it into proven concepts and innovation packages in product development.

Organically bound trace elements for improved absorption and use.

A combination of cell-protecting plant-based substances that come from selected fruits and herbs and help to reduce both cell stress and pressure on metabolism.

You have known this for many years: JOSERA agricultural products bear the quality seal of the German Agricultural Society (DLG). This seal has always been an additional expression and proof of the high quality of our feedstuffs. However, soon our bags will be without this familiar mark. The DLG has decided to terminate its quality inspections in animal feed.

According to DLG official communication, „the DLG has decided to discontinue its involvement in the RAL Quality Assurance mark 161 for agricultural inputs in the product group of compounded feed.“

This means that JOSERA animal feed will no longer be tested by DLG and, as a result, the DLG mark will be removed from our packaging. Nevertheless, our own quality standards remain unaffected.

Contact & Service

Do you need detailed information or advice? The more accurate you specify what interests you, the better we can deal with. You can not order directly via us. We would be glad to inform you about the Josera dealer near you.

Advice Hotline 8:00 am - 5:00 pm: +49 9371 940 0