Future-oriented feeding – GMO free
The "without genetic engineering" sector is seeing increased demand and continues to grow. Some dairy farmers are being forced to make changes to their rationed feeding programme.
Cereals in the feeding of dairy cattle
Due to falling grain prices, a feed made up of your own and potentially purchased grain becomes even more of an interesting prospect. Cereals can also contribute to reducing costs in milk production as a component of compensatory feed in the case of protein surpluses in the ration, such as those occurring in green feeding or grazing, or in milk feeds that are balanced in terms of their milk production value.
Total mixed ration vs. partial mixed ration for cattle
Mixed rations have become increasingly common since the late 1990s. What are these systems, and which has proved to be the most effective? Is TMR (total mixed ration) the right choice for your business, or has PMR (partial mixed ration) proven to be a better system?
Save what can be saved. Manage feed shortages with the right strategy!
In regional terms, the prolonged drought has led to high losses in maize and grassland. For maize silage, the result where crops with no cobs or poor cob development. For affected farms, it is important now to establish a feed plan to respond to feed shortages in time and switch to potential alternatives. Existing feed must be used efficiently.
Feed efficiency, another component for economic success
Learn how to successfully increase feed efficiency on your farm here!

Thematic areas


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In our nutrition section, everything revolves around feeding your cattle.

Barn management

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With this categorie we give you valuable tips for successfull barn management.

Animal health

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Vital and healthy cows are the key to your success. We support you with our help.

Rearing & Breeding

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Fertility and the birth of calves are the linchpin of dairy farming.

Silage management

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Only with high-quality silages a performance cow can be fed according to their needs.

Success stories

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With our success stories, we offer you a deep insight into practice with JOSERA products.