The individual lines stand out from each other in terms of both content as well as appearance. The new assortment structure has a useful advantage for farmers: They can find their way around a product assortment much easier and therefore find the product they are looking for much quicker. New packaging in a modern design and clearly defined colour codes make a significant contribution to this. The colour orange stands for mineral feed, light blue for milk replacer and dark blue for special products. Our organic products are packaged in green bags. This system runs consistently through all three lines:

1. Colour code for the identification of the according type of feed:

  • milk replacers (light blue)
  • mineral feed (orange)
  • special feed (dark blue)

2. Animal illustrations such as calf, cow and bull give the indication of the respective field of application of the feed.

3. Active agent packages such as Keragen Longlife®, NutriBiotic or FlavoVital® are marked with an additional button.

4. Feed for organic farming is marked with the addition Green (in green).

5. The three feed lines
CARE and
can be found on the right edge of the bag.

JOSERA packaging DairyPilot green, to explain the new range system

The Performance - Line

The Performance Line combines the latest premium products, which addresses the performance-oriented customers.
JOSERA DairySafe with the liver safety-package for a more performing liver.
  • higher milk yield
  • higher profit through healthy animals
  • less diseases
JOSERA NutriEffect for an improved intestinal integrity and nutrient uptake.
  • with 15g/kg DM
  • improved animal health
  • better performance
JOSERA DairyComplex for an improved intestinal integrity and nutrient uptake.
  • with 20g/kg DM
  • better animal health
  • better digestion

The Care - Line

The Care Line products are ideal for farmers who focus on safety and animal health.
"Calf rearing – made easy”
  • 50% skim milk powder
  • High energy content
  • Exclusively milk protein
JOSERA Betamin Keragen®Longlife with its beta-carotene content is an outstanding mineral feed for very good fertility and ultimate performance.
  • Excellent insemination success
  • Improved life effectiveness
  • Reliable and straightforward nutrition
Thanks to its high beta-carotene concentration, JOSERA Betavit is the ideal companion in the calf reproduction phase.
  • Improved fertility
  • Robust animals
  • Reduced calf losses

The Classic Line

The proven product solutions can be found in the Classic Line.
JOSERA Bullenmast is the ideal mineral feed for high daily weight gains and good carcass quality in your bulls.
  • Economic success
  • Best animal health
  • Highly reliable nutrition
JOSERA BumiCal is the all-in-one mineralfeed for beef fattening for high dailiy gains.
  • without phosphorus
  • modern feeding concept
  • high daily gains
JOSERA Cami is suitable for use with high-phosphorous rations and achieves a high performance level in lactation.
  • Higher milk revenues
  • Good fertility
  • Reliable nutrition

Josilac - silage inoculants

A high milk performance needs the right feeding. Only with very high qualitative silage a healthy nutrition of the dairy will be achieved. Silage quality can be assured and significantly improved by silage inoculants.
Josilac® classic
Organic silage additive for treating ensiled material – a premium product for the best silage.
  • Best ensiling success
  • High flexibility
  • Easy to use
Josilac® grass
Organic silage additive for treating ensiled material. The forage specialist.
  • Good ensiling success
  • Flexible application
  • Easy to use
Josilac® combi
Organic silage additive for treating ensiled material. The all-rounder.
  • Universal application
  • High flexibility
  • Easy to use

Contact & Service

Do you need detailed information or advice? The more accurate you specify what interests you, the better we can deal with. You can not order directly via us. We would be glad to inform you about the Josera dealer near you.

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