IgluVital - the premium milk replacer for sensitive digestion in the first weeks of life
Healthy calves with a strong immune system are your top priority? And you are looking for a product that gives you security in case of early diarrhoea? A rearing of your calves without any problems is as important to you as high daily gains?
FAQ calf rearing
FAQ calf rearing – we answer your questions
Winter feeding for calves
Cold weather, snow and frost can be a burden on the organism of a calf. The maintenance requirement for calves is significantly higher in winter than in the rest of the year.
What to do with young cattle – rear them yourself, outsource the rearing or purchase?
The rearing of young cattle is an important cost factor in dairy farming. Organising the rearing of young cattle is an important factor for increasing profitability and is decisive in the economic success of milk production.
Calf rearing made easy
Optimum calf rearing has a positive effect on the development and performance of the later dairy herd and thus forms the basis for successful dairy farming. Especially in the first weeks of life, the calves are very susceptible to husbandry, management and feeding errors.
Ad libitum feeding in calves – as much as the calf wants
Numerous studies have shown that intensive calf feeding has a positive effect not only on the development of the calves during the rearing phase but also on the later life of the dairy cow.
Dry Calf TMR A recipe for successful calf-rearing!
Successful calf-rearing is essential in today’s milk production, in order to obtain cows with higher yields and greater longevity in your barn. Next to milk replacer, which supports early metabolic programming, solid feed is an essential component for successful calf-rearing.
Successful calf rearing with whole milk
Do you want or are you already giving whole milk to your calves? And your goal is to keep the development and performance at a high level or even improve it? This article will help you to locate the necessary adjusting screws.

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In our nutrition section, everything revolves around feeding your cattle.

Barn management

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With this categorie we give you valuable tips for successfull barn management.

Animal health

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Vital and healthy cows are the key to your success. We support you with our help.

Rearing & Breeding

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Fertility and the birth of calves are the linchpin of dairy farming.

Silage management

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Only with high-quality silages a performance cow can be fed according to their needs.

Success stories

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With our success stories, we offer you a deep insight into practice with JOSERA products.