The farm

  • 250 dairy cows
  • Milking room: pendular 16 units
  • Liters per cow per day: 30.8
  • Diet of lactating cows: pasture grazing, grass silage and commercial concentrate including minerals
  • Close-up diet: grass silage and commercial close-up concentrate including anionic salts

The Strategy

  • Supplementing JOSERA DairySafe to close-up diet (200g/ animal/ day) from April 2020 to prevent fresh cows from cetosis
  • Trial period “autumn calving” from April to June: 46 cows
  • Trial period “spring calving” from mid July to mid October: 135 cows

The Result

  • Retained placentas: only two cases in the whole supplementation period from April to October
  • Daily milk production per animal (total of the herd)
JOSERA I milk production

“By adding JOSERA DairySafe to the close-up diet we have noticed a significant increase in milk production, along with good reproductive health of the fresh cows. We have managed to increase the efficiency of our production system by producing more liters of milk with fewer cows. We are very satisfied with the results obtained with DairySafe. It is a very easy product to administer together with the close-up concentrate. We have been working with JOSERA for several years and always with very good results. Congratulations to JOSERA for always looking for solutions to frequent problems in milk production systems”.

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DairySafe – to reduce medicine costs of retained placenta

JOSERA, Carlos Chauca, Peru

“I can honestly say that the product far exceeded its expectations. By using DairySafe we ​​have experienced an enormous improvement in general condition, body condition and feed intake. By using DairySafe, we were able to surpass our previous best performance in the starter phase.”

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