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JOSERA RumiN is a speciality feed with urea to balance a nitrogen deficit in rations with a negative RNB.
It provides rapidly available nitrogen and highly soluble starch. This allows protein feeds such as soya or canola extraction meal to be reduced in high-energy rations. JOSERA RumiN helps to optimise the ration and reduce feed costs.

Packaging size: 25 kg

Analytical components
crude protein 120,00 %
crude protein out of NPN compounds (non protein nitrogen) 115,00 %
crude fat 1,50 %
crude fibre 3,00 %
crude ash 33,00 %
calcium 3,50 %
phosphorus 0,20 %
sodium 3,50 %
magnesium 1,50 %
Your benefits at a glance:

  • Reduced feed costs by saving on expensive soya grist or other protein feeds
  • High milk production thanks to a rapidly available nitrogen source and highly available energy
  • Ease of use through:
    • Low application quantity
    • No other stock salt feeding

JOSERA RumiN is only suitable for dairy cows and fattening cattle with full rumen function!

Maximum use of JOSERA RumiN:

  • 1.5 % of total dry matter in feed
    • For dairy cows: Up to 300g per head and day
  • For fattening cattle:
    • Main fattening: Up to 100g per head and day
    • Final fattening: Up to 150g per head and day

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