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A palatable mix of high-quality protein and easily available energy makes JOSERA Kälberkost a perfect starter muesli. Soybeans and linseed extraction meal are used as protein-sources while heat treated corn and barley flakes provide the starch, which stimulates the growth of the ruminal papillae. At the same time, the fibre out of the ingredients helps to stimulate rumen activity. The vitamins and minerals contained in the feed complete JOSERA Kälberkost as an nutritious starter muesli from the 1st week of life on.

Packaging size: 20 kg

Analytical components
crude protein 18,0 %
crude fat 5,9 %
crude fibre 6,3 %
crude ash 6,8 %
calcium 1,0 %
phosphorus 0,6 %
sodium 0,4 %
ME/kg 11,5 MJ
Your benefits at a glance:

  • Tasty starter muesli
  • heat treated starch
  • High-quality protein
  • Fibre-effective
  • Apple pomace & molasses
  • Minerals and vitamins

Kälberkost can be offered to the calves in addition to milk for free intake from the 1st week of life on.

If a daily amount of 0.75 kg of Kälberkost is consumed by the calf, it is possible to gradually switch over to a self-made mixture.

For example:

  • Calf-Dry-TMR with Kälberprofi or LinoVit
  • Concentrated feed mix with Kälberprofi or LinoVit
We recommend to wean the calf not before concentrated feed intake exceeds 1.5 kg / animal and day to avoid growth depression.

For good rumen development, the calf should always have free access to water, in addition to a supply of good solid feeds.

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