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JOSERA Bullenmast is a complete mineral feed supplement for rations with high quality forage and customised concentrated feed with soya meal and ground grain.

JOSERA Bullenmast is intended for operations with high standards and helps to realise high daily weight gains and good carcass quality.

Packaging size: 25 kg

Analytical components
calcium 21,0 %
phosphorus 2,0 %
sodium 7,0 %
magnesium 5,0 %
Ca/P = 10,5 : 1
Your benefits at a glance:

  • Economic success through:
    • Young, high-quality carcasses
    • Highest weight gains
    • Best feed utilisation
  • Best animal health, because:
    • The rumen pH value remains at a physiological level
    • Bullenmast promotes the development of a stable foundation
    • The animals stay calmer thanks to a high quality supply of minerals and active ingredients
  • Highly reliable nutrition due to the clear, straightforward JOSERA recommendation of 10 g / kg DM

JOSERA Bullenmast is fed at the rate of 100 g - 130 g a day per head . The daily quantity is based on the weight gain and weight of the animals.


  • Pre-fattening: 100 g
  • Main fattening: 130 g
  • Final fattening: 100 g - 120 g

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