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JOSERA DairyPilot FlavoVital® is the innovative care-free package for the whole lactation period and constant high performance. With the plant-based active agent package FlavoVital® as well as with B-vitamins and live yeast, JOSERA DairyPilot has a unique composition, the result of JOSERA research and demonstrated using more than 6000 cows on various trial farms.
DairyPilot ensures:

  • a robust and resilient herd
  • increased milk yield and fattening performance
  • better animal welfare
  • higher profits

For you and your animals this means significantly more calmness and composure in the barn!

FlavoVital® is an unique active component package, specifically tailored to use the synergy effects of selected fruits and herbs for the welfare of the animal.
This is manifested in a higher defense strength against inflammatory processes and cell stress as well as stable metabolism.

The B-vitamin complex in DairyPilot strengthens the energy metabolism of the cows.

Packaging size: 20 kg

Analytical components
crude protein 9,80 %
crude fat 3,00 %
crude fibre 11,00 %
crude ash 28,00 %
calcium 5,00 %
phosphorus 0,30 %
sodium 3,00 %
Your benefits at a glance:

  • high body defense strength against inflammatory processes and cell stress
  • stable metabolism and high metabolic efficiency
  • efficient rumen and stable pH value
  • higher feed intake and improved energy utilisation
  • improved cell regeneration and colostrum quality

Application recommendation:

  • for concentrate-based rations
  • for improved feed conversion
  • to ensure higher performance
  • for use against digestive and metabolic disorders
  • during stressful situations (e.g. heat, transition phase etc.)

Feeding recommendation:

  • dairy cattle: 5 g DairyPilot/kg DM-intake
    • Pre-calving: 60 g
    • Lactation: from 100 g to 150 g
    • During high stress loads: up to 200 g (e.g. acidosis, metabolism stress…)
  • Rearing calves and cattle for fattening: 10 g DairyPilot/kg DM-intake

FlavoVital® - these are selected fruits and herbs  processed in an unique active agent package to:

  • strengthen the body defense against inflammatory processes and oxidative stress
  • stabilize the metabolism
  • increase the metabolic efficiency

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